I am not taking orders on this website. Please make contact via my email address – ericanderson3-4@yahoo.co.uk and leave your name and phone number. I will come back to you. My aim is to make personal contact with everyone who is interested. Sophie has been selling them for some time now in her shop and on her website.

Ref: 303 Happy Birthday
Ref: 303 H…

'Donkey Boy' designed by Gwyneth Mamlok Inside card reads: Have a Wonderful Day! ref:… Read More

Ref: 302 Happy Birthday
Ref: 302 H…

'April Showers' designed by Pat Owen Inside card reads: With love and all good wishes...… Read More

Ref: 293 Happy Birthday
Ref: 293 H…

'Musical Elephant' designed by Andy Gage Inside card reads: Happy Birthday to you ref:… Read More

Ref: 290 Happy Birthday
Ref: 290 H…

'Bunny Car' designed by Andy Gage Inside card reads: Wishing you a Wonderful Birthday!… Read More

Ref: 275 Happy Anniversary
Ref: 275 H…

'Swallows' designed by Paolo Romanelli Inside card reads: And many, many more ref: 275… Read More


About Erics Vintage Cards 

So, in the seventies I bought a very large amount of end of stock greetings cards from various manufacturers and was selling them. As time passed I went on to other things and stored the cards in space I have in London.

Via an enterprising young lady called Sophie (www.pineappleicebucket.co.uk) I discovered that my cards have become retro!

I am not exactly in my dotage, but I am getting a touch aged and I’ve no ambition to make my cards a full time activity. It seems a good idea though to find retro, vintage and other outlets.

Immediately available, so far, are four different types (please click on your desired card to see more about it):

Coloroll Gold Overprint – 32 different cards;
Coloroll large cards 11 inches by 8 inches – 20 different cards;
Shabery ‘The cards with a difference’ – 37 different cards;
and from America, United Card Co Illinois CIRCA – 58 different cards. They all have original envelopes. Total 147 cards on this website.

Lots of these cards so much catch the zany humour and the tone of the sixties.

The cards are flying off the shelves. They are very reasonably priced. You can make loads of dosh. We can talk about help I can give you in displaying the cards. Hope to hear from you.